Airborne Diseases Regulated By 24 Hours Pharmacies in France

Airborne diseases are diseases that are mainly propagated from their source through the air.  An airborne disease can proliferate when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, spewing nasal and throat discharges into the air. Particular viruses or bacteria take flight and hang in the air or land on other people or surfaces. When one breathe airborne pathogenic organisms in, they take up residence inside you. You can also pick up germs when you touch an infected surface, and then touch your own eyes, nose, or mouth. Because these diseases travel in the air, they are hard to control. 24 hours pharmacies ( c’est ici ) in France have always strived to ensure that the public is educated about these diseases and advice let out to enhance prevention from such diseases.

 Types of airborne diseases

 The following are the various airborne diseases that are mainly affecting the populace in France.

 Common cold

Millions of cases of the common cold occur each year and are diagnosed and treated in 24 hours pharmacies in France. Research has shown that most adults in France get two or three colds a year. Surprisingly, children tend to get the colds more frequently. The common cold is the commonest reason for nonattendance at school and work. Although there are many viruses that can be the root of a cold, rhinovirus has been noted to be the most usual. 


Most of the patients that visit 24 hours pharmacies in France have some experience with the flu. The flu mostly spreads so easily since it is infectious about a day before a patient notices the first symptoms. Moreover, the flu remains contagious for another five to seven days, especially when no medication is taken. If one has a weak immune system for any reason, the flu can be spread to others for longer than that. There are a number of strains of the flu but they are constantly changing. In most cases, this makes it difficult for a patient’s body to develop immunities.


 Chickenpox is for the most part caused by a virus known as the varicella-zoster. If a patient is diagnosed with chickenpox, he or she can spread it for a day or two before getting the telltale rash. This airborne virus mainly takes up to 21 days after exposure to the disease to develop. Most people get chickenpox only once in their lifetime, especially in their childhood. Afterward, the virus goes dormant. Should the virus reoccur later in life, one may get a painful skin condition called shingles. If you have never had chickenpox, it is worth to note that you can obtain the infection from someone with shingles.


 Mumps is another extremely contagious airborne viral disease. A patient can easily spread it before symptoms appear and for up to five days after. In the past, Mumps used to be quite common in France but rates have declined with almost 60% due to vaccination. Mumps outbreaks have the propensity to occur in densely populated environments.


 Measles is a very contagious disease and particularly propagates easily in crowded places. Research has found out that the virus can remain active in the air or on surfaces for up to two hours. A patient has a tendency to infect others up to four days before and four days after the measles rash surfaces. Most people get the measles virus only once in their lifetime. Measles is a major cause of death among children worldwide and was responsible for around 300, 000 in the past 3 years. In France alone, it is estimated that the measles vaccine helped to curb around 80, 000 deaths for the past 2 years.

A whooping cough (Also called pertussis)

This is an airborne disease that causes respiratory illness. It causes swelling of the airways that result in a persistent hacking cough in a patient. It is at the height of contagiousness for about two weeks after the coughing starts. 24 hours pharmacies in France have been working in collaboration with the government to curtail the transmission of this disease.


TB is also known as consumption. It is an airborne disease but this bacterial infection rarely spread easily. One generally has to be in close contact with an infected person for a long time! A person can be infected without becoming ill or infecting others. About 2.5 billion people worldwide are infected with TB. Surprisingly, most do not become sick. About 10,000 people in France have active TB. However, 24 hours pharmacies in France have worked tirelessly to ensure proper medical care and effective medication to TB patients.

People who have a destabilized immune system have the greatest risk of contracting the disease. It is important to note that symptoms can appear within days of exposure. This can really help with an early diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, for some people with a strong immune system, it takes months or years to activate. When the disease becomes active, bacterium rapidly multiplies and attacks the lungs of the habitat person. The disease can spread through a person’s bloodstream and lymph nodes to other organs, bones, or skin if not properly treated.

Treatment for common airborne diseases in 24 hours pharmacies in France is not expensive as deemed by many. One just needs to have an insurance plan to cover medical expenses as well as just a little more money to cater for stronger and healthy nutritious diets. For most airborne diseases, a patient will need the abundance of rest and fluids. Furthermore, treatment of these diseases mainly depends on an individual specific illness like doctors ( dentiste de garde ).

In conclusion, some airborne diseases such as chickenpox have no targeted treatment. However, essential medications and other supportive care can help ease symptoms. Some of these diseases can be treated with antiviral drugs. Effective treatment for infants with whooping cough can include antibiotics and hospitalization if necessitated. Although some kinds of TB virus are drug resistant, there are drugs to treat and cure TB available in 24 hours pharmacies in France. Failure to complete the full dose of medicine for all these airborne diseases can result in drug resistance and the return of symptoms.

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